Faranú Graduated (B.A. degree) in 2008 at the Willem de Kooning Academy of fine Arts, Rotterdam The Netherlands where she lives and works. During her study Faranú was coached by various established artists. Short after her graduation she had several group exhibitions including a duo exhibition with famous artist Diet Wiegman at the World Trade Center Art Gallery.

After various exhibitions Faranú received a great response from Dutch art critics and collectors, she decided to expand her interest in the international art field. This visit resulted in various successful exhibitions and an invitation for Art Beijing, China and Japan. Faranú has won the prestigious ‘talent of the year award presented by established Dutch art platform the Kunstweek. She was nominated for the Dutch ‘artist of the year award 2020’ alongside greats like Anton Corbijn and Marlene Dumas.


Artist statement

Faranu is a visual artist, abstract expressionist and pattern designer using charcoal as her primary medium. Her passion for art comes from deep within. She uses her personal interests, like architecture, fashion, poetry, music, film and traveling as a source of inspiration and an catalyst to create works that communicate in an visual way.

The strong dark charcoal strokes and vague imagery create a unique play of lines and sometimes create a dreamy atmosphere. Faranú’s drawings and sculptures appear powerful in their size and positioning, but at the same time her figurative works leave plenty of room for the observer's imagination. Her latest drawings reveal ‘a universal language with a different personal context’.

Faranu is an award winning artist and internationally exhibits her work. Her artworks are owned by galleries , museums, art collectors as well as part time art-enthusiasts.


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