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Anastasia Kholmova

I grew up in Russia and studied at the Surikov Art Institute in Moscow from 2014 to 2020 in the studio of Pavel Nikonov and Yuri Shishkov, which is famous as the place where Severe style of Soviet art emerged and developed.
Since 2019 I have been living in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, where I have become a member of CBK, the community of Rotterdam artists.

Artist’s Statement
The feeling that, through creativity, I can express a deep sense of the world inside myself and express myself in this world always inspires me. I can share the most intimate without saying a word and make my worldview into an art project. I feel like two close people, who understand each other without words, are talking inside me. That is how I create my paintings. Sometimes just one phrase of this conversation gives birth to an idea, thought, action, which I translate into colours, and then it becomes a revived picture of someone's life with their personal experiences.
With my artworks, I want to stop time. I want you as a viewer to retreat to the pleasant feeling of your uniqueness. Painting life stories of real people, I want to emphasize their experiences and perception of life through their worldview and sense of self.

Latest Exhibitions
- Vang de Rotte Kunstroute, Chabot Museum Rotterdam, painting ‘Terbregsepark’
- Molodezhka XL, first online youth exhibition of Moscow Artist Union, painting ‘The First Son’
- Moskva - Proryv v buduschee (Moscow - Breakthrough in the future). Moscow art exhibition , painting ‘Moscow’,
- The 39th Moscow Youth Exhibition, painting ‘Three years of me’
- Molodyozhka 2019, Moscow Youth Art Exhibition, painting ‘Three years of me’
My profile at CBK Rotterdam"


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